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Industrial design.

Your partner in designing and production metal enclosures for new devices and machines.

SI 4D – three spatial dimensions in design, the fourth of your needs.
Prototypes of new products – mechanical and software integrations.

Kiosks, totems and others.

Self-service checkout devices and kiosks are used more and more to promote new services, automate transaction process by making sales simpler and quicker, without queues. Well designed system helps maintain good relation with the client while interacting with your store.

We provide variety of services related to custom electronics design where we can connect physical objects to the internet – creating a a concept called IoT (Internet of things). Data collection, automated action and large amount of information interpretation can bring new values to your business. Savings costs and understanding your processes better can help you make better decisions and put you on the next level.

Colour of your brand

pallet of your visual identity

Simplicity in shapes

Our design ethos embraces the value people place on simplicity. Simple shapes and forms are not only easier to use but aslo ensure that our device enclosures are instantly recognizable. We understand that in a world cluttered with complexity, a minimalist approach stand out, offering an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Our designs prioritize ease of use.

Beautiful finish

The details are not the details. They make the design — Charles Eames

To provide a great user experience, a designer’s focus is on attention to details of a product. He/she examines each and every element, if it is needed, then try to transform, optimize the same.

Focus on design

Good design is not optional – it is critical to your brand’s success. The design aids in selling an idea or product. It can be applied to different means, such as logos, brochures, packaging, stationery, signage – in this case: totems, kiosks or self service checkout devices – where focus is on your service or product, not on the device it self.

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