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Kiosks and totems

Product variety

kiosks and
vending machines
toys and games

How we work

  • our understanding your needs
  • free concept design for you
  • tech specification proposition
  • pricing and rules agreement
  • project design and production
  • delivery and support

Free concept design

First, you describe what you are looking for (or you can show us your own ideas if you have few already prepared). We then create a concept design for free – you can use it for your presentation, in your sales pitch or video. We can also provide other promotional materials that can be helpful for work with your clients.

Simple pricing

We won’t charge you with any additional costs of creating the first prototype (standard software inside or your application). Price remains the same as if you would place an order for the second time. You don’t care about the high costs of the first prototype production so your investment risk is lower. You can still negotiate the price, when the order quantity is larger.

Look that fits

Roots of our company lay in product design and passion for what we do. We have developed processes for creating new physical things. It’s easy for us and that’s our strong side. Totems, self-service checkouts and other – all of which we can create with the focus on your business model, clients you have, place where you work.

Focus on the look

We believe that simplicity in shapes is the key factor of beautiful design. Many fields of study explain, that Phi – Golden Ratio coefficient = 1.618.., when used properly, helps design things that look nice. The challenge stands at the point where design meets functionality. Our teams of engineers and industrial designers always work together to create nice and functional products.

Multiple cooperation options

Comprehensive service
we take care of everything.

Concept design and project of shapes and materials, production of physical components, assembly, software development, after sale services. You can count on us ordering larger volume set.
With great team of talented and organised people we can provide comprehensive services related with production, design and application development.

Your software,
your product idea

If your company specialises in software development, we can deliver hardware and all physical components needed for your application. Our field of specialisation is hardware development, so you can count on well known for us production processes.

SI 4D as a
production partner

With our company as a partner, you don’t have to care about all production processes, just think what is the best value that you can create for your clients – we will handle the rest. Your logo can be placed on the product and be sold as it would be produced by your company.

Let’s meet!